About Camp LI-AM

We can’t wait to welcome you once again to Camp LI-AM! Last year was an amazing first year thanks to all of the dancers and staff who made it very special.

We look forward to bringing the dancing family together to enjoy a few days of dancing, food and lots of FUN in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere in Beautiful Niagara Falls, Canada!

  • 4 Days of Dancing & Workshops

  • 8 Full Meals plus snacks

  • 3 Nights full service Hotel stay

  • New this year - LARGE HARDWOOD FLOOR!

  • HUGE Ballroom

  • Closest Hotel to The Falls

October 31st - November 3rd 2024

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Left until Camp LI-AM

About The Location

Hotel Marriott on the Falls is situated so close to the famous Falls, for anyone who wants to visit. We will also have limited Premium accommodations with Falls View!

6755 Fallsview Blvd,
Niagara Falls,
ON L2G 3W7,

The Team

Dudu Barzilay

Dudu is a world-famous Israeli dance choreographer, session leader and teacher from Israel.  He is a second generation Israeli dancer and has been dancing since he was a kid.  He leads several dance sessions in Israel, including one of the largest sessions in Tel Aviv.  He is a true creative force who has choreographed more than a hundred dances, including: Beyom Shishi, Debka Hilit, Debka Inbar, Don Kichote, El Haor, Inbal, Keren Shemesh, Ma Kore Itach,  Maoryan,  Metziut Acheret,  Sheyihye Bemazal,  Shmuot,  Shtayim Balayla, Status Meohav,  Tirbahu Vetisadu, Yachad, and so many more.  And just wait until you hear him play the darbuka!  We are so excited to welcome Dudu’s energy, warm smile, and dances to Camp Li-Am.

Shmulik Gov-Ari

Shmulik is a talented dance choreographer and a master teacher. He has choreographed hundreds of dances utilizing both music thousands of years old, and contemporary pieces, with some of his original works making their way into the classical Israeli folk dance repertoire like Etz Hazayit, Shabechi Yerushalayim, Silchi Li Yalda,Chopi, Kurdiyon, Naale Naale, Agiley Damar, Anavai Bakapayim and more.... His dances tell the story of Israel as well as stories of Israeli life. We are very excited to welcome him to Camp Li-Am.

Yaron Ben-Simchon

Yaron is an amazing, charismatic, and charming choreographer. Yaron has been invited to travel around the world for decades, sharing his beautiful dances at countless workshops and camps. His popular dances include Machshavot Belibi, Bachur Chadash, Kama Chaser, Ani Lo Yachol, Ha’auto Sheli Hayofi Shelach, Kanire, Hi Rak Rotza Lirkod, and more. We can't wait to have him with us at Camp Li-Am.

Yaron Malichi

Yaron is a fantastically talented choreographer of favorites like Al Salsalim, Al Tishali, Bein Haarbayim, Chatan Bar Mitzvah, Malkat Hachatunot, Mudbira, Orot Veashan, Zman Ptziot, and many others. Beyond his fantastic choreography, teaching, and dancing, he's just incredibly friendly, infectiously fun, and boundlessly energetic. We can't wait to welcome Yaron to Camp Li-Am.


All participants must sign a waiver of liability.

To receive the Early Bird price, you have to register before August 20, 2024.

Requests for cancellation must be made in writing no later than September 30, 2024. After September 30 no refunds will be made for any reason, including a change in the COVID-19 safety rules.